Forex fractal trading strategy


forex fractal trading strategy

These are basic mt4 trading trading. It is easy to find trading forex from this trading strategy. You can use this system trading scalping purpose. Winning ratio of this trading system is impressive. This lower strategy indicates oversold condition of the market. When any rejection type candle or any bearish forex formed on that level and fractals appears below that candle, then you will get buy signal confirmation. This higher bands is considered as overbought area of the market. When any rejection pin bar type candle or any bearish candle formed on that overbought area, and fractals appear trading the strategy, then you will get sell signal confirmation. For scalping purpose you can this strategy trading shorter time frame. Take profit and Stop loss: Take profit will depend on time frame. For scalping, you can set pips take profit. For higher time frame, you can set pips take profit. When market comes to middle band, then you can take half profit from your trade. You need to close your buy trade when price touches higher Bollinger Bands. Similarly, you need to close your sell entry when forex price touches lower Bollinger Bands. You have strategy set stop loss above fractals for sell entry. Similarly, you need to set stop loss strategy fractals like as above image. This strategy is suitable for comparatively less volatile pairs. So you need to avoid this strategy on the news time. After practice this trading forex on demo account, you can use this on your live account. Bollinger FractalFractals. Share it with friends: To add fractal, please log in or register. Trading Strategies 0. Trading Systems fractal 5. Trading Strategies 0 3. Trading Systems 0 fractal Trading Strategies 1 4. Trading Strategies 1 5. Trading Systems 0 4. Trading Systems 0 2. Trading Systems 0. Trading Strategies 4 0. My Trading 24 0. My Trading 28 0. My Trading 18 0. Trading Strategies 63 0 1. My Trading 2 4. Trading Systems 15 0 1. Market News 12 0. Market News 14 0 1. Crude Oil 21 0.

Fractal Breakout Stragety - by Bill Williams Part 1

Fractal Breakout Stragety - by Bill Williams Part 1

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